Monthly Archives: February 2013

Manic March ahead

2013 has been busy and as we head into a frantic February, Manic March is looming.

The EMRPCC is absolutely delighted to be having the Brisbane South Palliative Care Collaborative  present Palliative Approach toolkit training to the residential aged care   sector in March.

BSPCCThe Palliative Approach Toolkit is an evidence based tool for implementing 3 key palliative approach processes

  • Advance care Planning
  • Palliative Care Case Conferencing and
  • Use of an end of life care pathway

This training is gives 2 full clinical  care forums  plus a 1/2 day Management workshop. Our events calendar has the details.

The EMRPCC has two months with 5 training opportunities. An Aboriginal  Cultural training for the palliative care sector is fully booked. The residential aged care sector have their 3 palliative approach toolkit sessions in March and in addition there is  a whole day experiential workshop on difficult conversations on March 18th.

We appreciate the difficulties offering so many sessions in a short period of time, but some times our best laid plans go astray.