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Circles of Care – reflects a community who cares

Our first Circles of Care was held on the 17th of October during National Carers week.

The event was the result of the collaborative effort  of Palliative Care services from across the region. A variety of activities were on offer, Tai Chi, Hand and reiki massages, reflexology, music, and a community mandala.

EPC Music Therapists

EPC Music Therapists

Community Mandala Circles of Care 2013

Community Mandala Circles of Care 2013

There were 2 different panels on caring for the carer, both privileged to have someone share their own personal story with those present. Hearing these two very different stories attests to the inner strength, determination, resilience, perseverance and LOVE of these remarkable carers.

The event structure allowed people to have their own individual questions answered and it was wonderful to see Brenda from the Aged Care Assessment Team rush in to hand out “Take Control” booklets, because someone mentioned these booklets.

Sally Cockburn (Dr Feelgood) participated in two different sessions- she is a great communicator and made sure that no question lacked significance. There was laughter from the audience during the chat about funerals in the afternoon – with the key messages being plan ahead, share what is important and include others if it right for them, in the final activities as it helps the grieving.

Carers received bags to which they could collect pertainent  information for them. The bags from Carers Vic had a coffee voucher generously donated by Michel’s Patisserie, pens and some general information material. Everyone was offered a plant on leaving the event. These plants were grown through a community program at Port Phillip Prison and we should thank Michelle for allowing us to receive them. They were a big hit.

Just remember – caring goes on 24 hours a day- 7 days a week and we should always be there for each and every carer. Even if they don’t think that what they are doing is anything extraordinary.

To everyone who was involved in anyway with Circles of Care – THANK YOU. It was a great day.