Monthly Archives: February 2014

Surging ahead into 2014


The EMRPCC reviewed its 2012-2015 strategic plan in December 2013. This being about a halfway point  for the Victorian palliative care policy & strategic directions (2011-2015). Having a look at what has been achieved, recognising planned actions that are no longer applicable and identifying new activities is vital in ensuring the Consortium is fulfilling its aspiration for  “a high quality palliative care system that fosters innovation and provides coordinated care & support that is responsive to…needs”.

Engagement with community remains crucial. This is to be achieved via increased attention on palliative care week (25th – 31st May 2014), a carers expo (2015) and ongoing interaction across all sectors which builds awareness and opportunities for shared learning.

Work with the Residential Aged Care and Disability sectors continues both through regional education, specific activities and access to resources and supports.

The strategic plan is available for viewing via the general information page.