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Victorian Inquiry into End-of -Life Choices

The Legislative Council’s Legal & Social Issues Committee is holding an inquiry to explore if Victorian laws adequately meet people’s expectations regarding available medical options at the end of their life.

The Legal  & Social Issues Committee is interested in the views of the community, their insights and experiences in relation to the topic. This Inquiry is a result of motions put to Parliament during April and May 2015.

The Committee will examine

  • how current medical practices and palliative care can assist a person manage ¬†their end of life
  • how the issue is managed in other locations
  • and potential changes to the legislative framework

This is an opportunity for the benefits and challenges of palliative care to be discussed. Palliative care has a lot to offer and the sector will be using the period ahead to ensure a strong and valuable message is communicated. The closing date for submissions is the 31st July 2015. More details are available at the Legal & Social Issues Council webpage