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Is Palliative Care fit for the future in the eastern metro region?

September 1-4, saw Melbourne hosting the 13th Australian Palliative Care Conference “Fit for the Future”.
Comprising international & national speakers the event program set about to encourage, yet challenge the sector on what is required to make palliative care fit for the future. Highlights included a paediatric palliative care film – Little Stars which was followed by a panel discussion; using social media, humour, plenary panels, a few heart felt moments and the odd difference of ideas.
So how was the eastern metro region represented? (apologies if the list is incomplete)

  • Preconference volunteer workshop with presenters from Eastern Palliative Care
  • Sessions presentations                                                                                                                     –  Palliative care management of Creutzfeld- Jakob disease (D Bach, Eastern Health)     –  MND resource for palliative care professionals (K Isaac, Eastern Palliative Care)             –  Palliative Care Outcome Collaborative (M MacDonald, Caritas Christi)                              –  Early integration of palliative care, possibilities & challenges (J Philip, Caritas Christi)         – Using Facebook to explain palliative care ( L William, Eastern Health)                             – Role of specialist palliative care in dementia (J Liebelt, Eastern Palliative care)
  • Plenary presentation by Dr J Philip on rethinking palliative care in non-malignant disease
  • Conference posters on an international palliative care education exchange & developing a MND resource for specialist palliative care professionals.

Collaborative work continues across sectors. Significant projects and activities are occurring with residential aged care (mentoring, skill building); communication skills (doctors, chronic & progressive disease specialists), advance care planning (development of a resource for religious & cultural advance care planning), bereavement, paediatric palliative care education, carers, care & medication initiatives.
Is Palliative Care Fit for the Future?                                                                                        Having the region well represented both within the program & through attendance indicates a strong commitment and bodes well for the future. A challenge for individual clinicians and the services is to keep pace and grasp the opportunities to be sector leaders both within Melbourne, across the state & nation.

The 14th Australian Palliative Care Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia in 2017