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What does dying well mean to you? Improving end of life care in Victoria

The Victorian Health & Human Services department is seeking input in the shaping of a new “end-of-life” framework. A discussion paper (translated into 10 languages) has been released along with a consultation website which contains a feedback blog. The website better end of life     ( is also the registration portal for  consultation forums being held across the state.

Five key features that are considered important to achieving person centred end of life care are

  • enabling genuine choice
  • supporting individual families and carers
  • responding to diversity
  • helping people to die well
  • supporting our workforce

These 5 areas are the triggers for questions being posed in the discussion paper. The forthcoming end of life framework is seen as an opportunity to think differently and innovatively about how Victorians have access to the best quality end of life care.

There will be consultation forum in Nunawading on the 8th December and across other areas in the weeks prior. Take the opportunity to contribute to the discussions.

Annual report time!

Annual report writing provides an opportunity to reflect on how much work has been undertaken during the past year and considering from a broad perspective how the work may be making a difference.  The impact or what is achieved, from individual activities is considered throughout the year and as part of the evaluation of each piece of work.

The EMRPCC approach to the annual report is to identify what has been done, what worked well and what can be done different. This is with a big picture and strategic perspective in mind. One goal to is to be open when things could be done better by the Consortium.  Another element is that each Organisation connected with palliative care contributes to the report in some way. In the 2014-2015 report this is seen in the after hours work, education, carer projects.

Each palliative care region produces an annual report. It is interesting to read the similarities and different approaches across the state. Each being specific to the needs of that area. We hope you enjoy reading the EMRPCC Annual Report 2014-2015  and perhaps take a moment to revisit our earlier reports

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