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Improving dementia care in nursing homes

A care intervention for nursing home residents with advanced dementia in North Carolina used a video decision aid, together with a structured discussion with the care provider. The intervention was effective in improving end-of-life communication for nursing home residents with advanced dementia and enhancing palliative care plans while reducing hospital transfers. Dr Laura Hanson discusses the results in this GeriPal podcast (25:48).

Palliative care from diagnosis to death

In this podcast, the authors set out a rationale for early palliative care based on the three typical trajectories of functional decline towards the end of life (rapid, intermittent, and gradual) and suggest how it can be incorporated into disease specific care.
Palliative care from diagnosis to death. Podcast (14:52mins) and online article (Published online 27 February 2017)

Palliative Care Clinical Attachment for GPs

Medical education opportunity in palliative care delivered by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
 Ward Round (with Lead Palliative Care Consultant, Oncologist, Palliative Care Registrar, and/or Resident) provides practical learning to enhance your communication and symptom management skills that can be applied in the end of life care of patients
 1-2 GPs to attend each round – excellent individual education activity
Options available (both options may include a family conference)
 Consultant Ward Round and Multidisciplinary Team meeting – Tuesday mornings 8.45am – 12.00pm or
 Consultant Ward Round only – Thursday mornings 8.45am – 12.00pm
Learning outcomes
 Illustrate enhanced communication and symptom management skills
 Implement evidence-based clinical management strategies to ensure safe and effective end of life care
 Apply end of life care for your patients and your community
Important: To receive CPD Points
 Please complete the Signature List and the Evaluation Form provided and handover to Emily or Mardie (Admissions Coordinators)
We will send the Certificate of Attendance to your nominated email address and upload your CPD points to RACGP.
Event Details
Ongoing education activity – weekly basis
Venue: St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Caritas Christi Hospice, 104 Studley Park Road, Kew
Day: Choice of Tuesday or Thursday session
Parking: Street parking
Bookings essential:
Only 1 to 2 GPs each round. To book your place please contact –
Emily or Mardie (Admissions Coordinators) P: 9231 5000
Supervisor: Dr Peter Sherwen Lead Palliative Care Consultant

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 8:45am to 12:00pm
Ongoing education event at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Caritas Christi (Kew)
Information and registration

Allied Health update -March 2017

In this edition led by Angela Daly, social worker from Queensland, you will find out about:

Profile: Lindsay Bancroft a Social Worker from Metro South Palliative Care in Queensland who describes his path from the Army to palliative care social work and the rewards of his position (328kb pdf).

Case Story: In this compilation of several different cases, Angela Daly demonstrates the importance of flexible, sensitive and timely communication in advance care planning (316 kb pdf).

There are many new video resources featured throughout the Caresearch website including a video from Deidre Morgan, Academic Occupational Therapist, Flinders University discussing The Role of Allied Heath in Palliative Care.

Two new My Learning modules have been recently released:
My learning 9: New to Palliative Care? This online learning module can be used for orientation to a service, or for those who want to learn more about palliative care.
My Learning 8: Disseminating Research Findings CareSearch, in conjunction with the Centre for Research Excellence in End-of-Life Care, has developed a new learning module regarding communicating research findings in a thoughtful, planned way. It offers ideas to researchers and higher degree students that go beyond traditional conference presentations and journal publications.

Free full text articles”

S Eyigor, S Akdeniz. Is exercise ignored in palliative cancer patients? World J Clin Oncol. 2014 Aug 10;5(3):554-9.
An article detailing the benefits, both physical and psychological/emotional, of exercise for the cancer patient.

Davidson J. Does the culture of modern day palliative care social work leave room for leadership? J Soc Work Pract. 2016 Apr 2;30(2):203-18.
An article which focuses on the issue of leadership in relation to palliative care social work. How this implemented in current practice plus information on the history of the social work role.

H Bosma, M Johnston, S Cadell, W Wainwright, Abernethy N, Feron A, et al. Creating social work competencies for practice in hospice palliative care (175kb pdf). Palliat Med 2010 Jan;24(1):79-87.
A task force of Canadian social workers and educators produced a document agreeing on eleven core competencies in hospice palliative care.

Advance Care Planning Learning

New online learning for health professionals and care workers
Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) and Decision Assist have a brand new integrated online learning space where you can find up-to-date resources and training tools to support best practice in advance care planning.

Three new learning modules are now live on the site, covering:
• the key components of advance care planning and its benefits
• communication strategies to start conversations about advance care planning
• legal aspects for different states and territories.

Get started!

Have a question about advance care planning learning?

See our Frequently Asked Questions section:

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Call the Advance Care Planning Advisory Service:

1300 208 582

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Introduction to Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence,

Clinicians, Communications staff, Community Groups, Faith leaders, Frontline staff, Health & community sector, Managers & Program Leaders, People in custodial settings, Projects staff, Schools, Settlement workers, Young people,

Cultural Competence Domain


An interactive online training module which will help you be culturally responsive to your diverse clients.

It is suitable for health, community and government staff working with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

This module is pitched at an introductory level and provides a theoretical framework for people who are already working in culturally responsive settings. It is for workers who are less familiar with the concept of cultural competence.

The training can be accessed from any computer with internet access and can be done at the user’s own pace.

Special rates apply for not-for-profit organisations and multiple users. Please contact Anni Tillack-Benton on 03 9418 9928 for further information.

Online course available $45
Further information from CEH website

Liz Carr on Assisted Suicide

British comedian, disability rights campaigner and actor, Liz Carr, appeared in her hit show Assisted Suicide: The Musical at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, with the final performances last weekend. You can watch her interview on ABC News Breakfast (6:21), and watch her presentation to Victorian parliamentarians (34:20).