Monthly Archives: December 2017

Compassionate Communities Hub

This is a bold new project with the sole purpose of building capacity across health and community involved in end of life support. Kicking off in February 2018, The Groundswell Project will work with up to 8 communities of practice for over two years by supporting them with mentoring, tools and advice. All the learnings, research and tools developed along the way will culminate on a digital platform, COMCOMHUB which will be accessible to anyone interested in developing Compassionate Communities. Sign up today for updates and details of how to get involved.

Seeking nominations for Palliative Care Clinical Network Committees

Safer Care Victoria is inviting clinicians and other interested parties to nominate to become members of two key committees as part of the Palliative Care Clinical Network:
• PCCN Governance Group: Provide clinical and strategic governance and oversight of quality and safety initiatives in palliative care.
• PCCN INSIGHT (Information & Evidence) Subcommittee: Specific focus on reviewing data to help inform and measure quality and safety measures in palliative care.
Clinical Network Reference Documents
Framework for Clinical Networks
Clinicians as partners: Framework for clinician engagement
For further information or to request an application pack please contact Carol Pyke at