Monthly Archives: October 2018

Supporting ATSI people at EOL

Last week, Hon Ken Wyatt launched a new portal to assist health professionals caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the end of life, their families and communities. It covers culturally appropriate palliative and EOL care; grief and bereavement; and planning ahead. Access the Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet portal here

Talking palliative care over the airwaves

ABC Radio’s PM program is running a series on palliative care. This week’s program covered how to deliver a good death, palliative care, and what more can be done to improve access to those missing out. Listen to Part One (6:26) and Part Two (6:12) of the series.

Dr Seuss does Advance Directives

Tim Boon is the CEO of a non-profit community hospice and palliative care in Massachusetts. He is also fast becoming an internet legend with this humorous and very clever performance. View it here (5:30)


SPICT4ALL has been added to the palliAGED pages. Based on the original SPICT tool designed to help health professionals identify people who might benefit from palliative care and appropriate planning for future care, SPICT4ALL has been ‘de-medicalised’ for use by patients, family carers and staff working in health and care.