Decision Assist – free webinars

Are you caring for older people
who are approaching the end
of their lives?
Do you wonder if you are saying
and doing the right things?

If you answered yes to these questions, build your skills and confidence in having advance care planning conversations and providing quality palliative care when required.
Decision Assist is offering free 40 minute webinars designed to help you improve the care you provide for older people who are needing a palliative approach.
These webinars are ideal for people working in residential aged care facilities and community care settings.
The first and second webinars in the series have now been completed.
Undertreated Pain — effective pain management for people with dementia and Communication at the End of Life — meeting the needs of the family are now available for viewing.
For more information on the Decision Assist program go to

24 hour telephone support is also available from palliative care specialists for GPs and aged care staff by phoning 1300 668 908.


Decision Assist is a program funded by the Australian Government.
Visit for more information

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