LGBTIQA+ Ageing and Aged Care July 20

LGBTIQA+ Ageing and Aged Care July 20

Presenter: Samantha Edmonds & Sally Goldner AM

Abstract: There is a general invisibility of LGBTIQA+ elders within mainstream society and also often within LGBTIQA+ communities, including widespread ignorance of their specific needs, histories and life experiences.  In addition, the prejudice and discrimination LGBTIQA+ elders have faced over their lives, from government, agencies, organisations, health providers, businesses, families, friends, and individuals has resulted in LGBTIQA+ elders remaining in/returning to “the closet”; being reluctant to reveal their sexual orientation or their intersex status; feeling unable to affirm their gender identity or express their gender freely or being hesitant to confront stereotyping about who they are and what they need.

Thus, many LGBTIQA+ elders have significant fears about ageing, aged care and being openly involved in research or studies about themselves and their lives. They are concerned that service providers and health and other professionals will be indifferent to their sexuality and gender identity, or, at worst, actively hostile.

This presentation will explore LGBTIQA+ elders experiences of ageing, current issues and barriers and provide some tips and resources for best practice in working with LGBTIQA+ elders.

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