Nari Seminar Feb 16 12-1 pm Pre-death grief and preparation for end of life in family carers of people living with dementia

About the presentation: 

Kirsten will provide an overview of findings from her Alzheimer’s Society (UK) senior fellowship exploring the relationship between pre-death grief in carers of people living with dementia and preparation for end of life. Pre-death grief in these carers can be distinguished from anticipatory grief. The losses experienced by carers as dementia progresses include loss of relationship and companionship, loss of social network and changes to self-identity and meaning in life. However, these losses may not be recognised by carers or those around them and therefore carers may not feel supported or entitled to grieve. Findings from structured interviews with 150 carers and additional qualitative interviews with a sub-sample of 16 carers will be presented. Data including grief, preparation for end of life, depression, anxiety and coping strategies will be presented along with help seeking through formal and informal supports. The presentation will also present how this work was used to co-design an animation to raise awareness of pre-death grief among family carers. Feasibility work under way, using an online intervention, will also be highlighted.