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A special online event was held during National Reconciliation Week 2020 (27 May – 3 June). It is now available for viewing here:

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MARC project READY - Recognising Patients at Risk of Dying

READY - Recognising Patients at Risk of Dying
Using interviews and audits of healthcare records, the first MARC end-of-life project identified care service provision gaps and gaps in the documentation of older people’s care preferences towards the end of life. Considerable difficulties in the recognition of dying were highlighted. When staff are not aware or acknowledging that a patient is dying, provision of palliative care, and end-of-life conversations may be delayed. Hence, ways to improve early recognition of end-of-life care stages and care needs are required. This project seeks to support clinical staff in the recognition of dying through the use of an existing, validated prognostic tool.
Please contact Kate Gerber k.gerber@nari.edu.au for more information.

Care of the Dying Survey Report SCV PCCN

The Safer Care Victoria  Palliative Care Clinical Network is running a Care of the Dying Project.   Updates on the project can be found  here https://www.bettersafercare.vic.gov.au/reports-and-publications/care-of-the-dying-person-survey-report