Palliative Care in the Eastern Metro Region

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Palliative Care in the Eastern metro region of Melbourne is provided where people need it. For some people that is at home (private or residential), for others it is in hospital. Many health workers provide care using a palliative approach. Specialist teams provide professional advice and support to health workers and for families in caring for their loved ones.

Eastern Palliative Care - provides specialist palliative care for people in their homes.

Eastern Health - provides hospital based care as well as consultations for staff providing care in residential care homes. Hospice care is based at the Wantirna site.

St.Vincent’s - provides hospice care at Caritas Christi in Kew. 

North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (NEMICS) - a clinical network focussing on cancer-related health care.

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) - one of 31 primary health networks across Australia, EMPHN works with stakeholders to improve the primary health care system in eastern and north eastern Melbourne. 

Bolton Clarke - provides support at home with a range of home nursing, home assistance, allied health and mental health services.